September 1, 2019 Onsigners


Onsigner crew of UNLAD Shipping to join vessels in Lafayette, Louisiana, U.S.A on September 1, 2019

  1. Cook Amador N. Ocay Jr.
  2. Cook Arsenio B. Torrecampo
  3. Cook Florencio T. Domingo
  4. Galley Hand Paulo R. Barraga
  5. Galley Hand Christian C. Porlet
  6. Galley Hand Reymarc T. Bocqueo
  7. Galley Hand Kim Anthony M. Ocampo
  8. Galley Hand Dennis B. Batalla
  9. Galley Hand Emge B. Reforsado
  10. Galley Hand Nelson A. Concepcion Jr.
  11. Galley Hand Charlie C. Consuelo
  12. Galley Hand Christian Jeyhan DV. Tulalian
  13. Galley Hand Renato D. Quiros Jr.

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