April 15 & 16, 2019 Onsigners


Onsigner crew of UNLAD Shipping to join vessels in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA on April 15 & 16, 2019

1. Cook Ross Ian M. Mendoza
2. Cook Albert U. Cabal
3. Cook Charliemagne A. Petiluna
4.Cook Mark Anthony H. Sancon 
5.Cook Rodolfo M. Brocales Jr.
6. Galley Hand Rene B. Broso Jr.
7. Galley Hand Jayson T. Narte
8. Galley Hand Al Francis D. Canada
9. Galley Hand Ryan Paul L. Nebres
10.Galley Hand Luigi Angelo S. Doria
11.Galley Hand Erwin T. Dela Vega
12.Galley Hand Arnel D. Atienza
13. Galley Hand Daryl S. Damot
14. Galley Hand Jomar S. Antonio
15. Galley Hand Joseph A. Tumazar
16.Galley Hand Christopher B. Almarez
17.Galley Hand Aljee Francis R. Golipardo
18.Galley Hand Norli E. Guinto
19. Galley Hand Jubert S. Bigtas
20. Galley Hand Jonvie M. Malana

Ingat po and God Bless. Stay Healthy!